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Payroll, HR and consulting

Payroll, HR and consulting

Payroll services and HR demands thorough care and deep knowledge in view of compliance with constantly changing legislation and regulations.

Division Services provides highly specialized activities in personal and payroll field and provides activities of outsourced external payroll agency.

We provide following

  • Management of payroll services
  • Monthly payroll processes
  • Registration and de-registration of employees
  • Annual payroll tax return
  • Payroll and tax reporting in accordance with legal requirements
  • Preparation of annual tax return for employees
  • Annual tax return on withholding tax

We also offer

  • Internal audits
  • Market research and employees´satisfaction
  • Training and education

The outcome of these services is independent assessment and appraisal and consequent adjustements of the internal processes as well as systematic work in payroll and HR services.

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