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Temporary assignment and outsourcing

Temporary assignment and outsourcing

This division takes care of the employees, in all administrative, payroll and legal aspects. This service includes sourcing of new suitable employees as well as takeover of the existing employees.

Main target of the assigned employment is the cooperation with specialist in the assigned emplyment and HR field and fully in compliance with legislation.

Each project is customised as per client´s requests and in accordance with existing conditions.

Activities within provided services

  • We are sourcing and screening suitable candidates in accordance with our clients´requests.
  • We cover all human resources activities, taking over legal responsibility, providing administration processes and related obligations.
  • We are responsible for fulfilling Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Protection, Medical and GDPR employer´s obligations.
  • We are repsonsible for payroll, payments of contributions to tax office, social services and health insurers. We also prepare yearly tax return for all our employees.
  • We are responsible party in case of any controls or audits from these instituitions.
  • We are fully responsible for human resources and payroll activities – regular communication and meetings with our employees, we also provide any confirmations, hand over payroll slips, meal vouchers, etc.
  • We regularly prepare reports and statistics for our clients.
  • Our clients receive only one invoice including all services.

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