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Temporary assignment and outsourcing

This division takes care of the employees, in all administrative, payroll and legal aspects.
This service includes sourcing of new suitable employees as well as takeover of the existing employees..

  • Sourcing
  • Selection
  • Training

Sourcing and screening the candidates

This division specializes in sourcing and recruiting suitable candidates for variety of vacancies, from administrative vacancies, specialists vacancies, low, middle and top management.

  • Vyhľadávanie a oslovovanie
  • Selekcia
  • Testovanie

Employees from third countries

This division operates since 2016 and specializes in provision of qualified workers from EU and Non EU countries, such as Vietnam, Ukraine and India.

  • výber pracovníkov podľa kritérií zamestnávateľa
  • nízka fluktuácia zamestnancov
  • poskytnutá garancia

Payroll, HR and consulting

Payroll services and HR demands thorough care and deep knowledge in view of compliance with constantly changing legislation and regulations.

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